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There are a countless number of CMMS:s on the market. From a distant view, you will find that they all pretty much can do the same thing. We know it´s not the feature list that is the key to success. It´s to give you and your crew control. Once in control, your decisions will be based on facts and you will have the power to improve. Our users know this, and the results they achieve are amazing. We are proud to be a part of their success and we will be proud to be a part of yours.

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To gain control there are 3 qualities that are essential for your CMMS software. Read them below!

1. Inspiring interface

When your CMMS software really supports your work, it will be used. With an intuitive interface, quick ways to find information and only seconds for reporting, you and your colleagues will be inspired to use MaintMaster. With an outstanding work order management, you will get things done!

Most companies never get information about all failures in their production. Studies shows that these failures are responsible for about 80% of the total downtime. Without that information there is no way you can take good decisions in what to invest in, what to prevent and how to prioritize.

To get all failures reported from your team, provide them with the right tool. You need quick ways to navigate, quick ways to report and most important the information should be available wherever you are. Remember; only if your software is used it will give you the benefits of having control.

Find your machines, navigate with pictures


Report in less than 30 seconds



Access all information wherever you are, whenever you need it


Use QR codes and voice recognition for quicker search and reporting


2. Flexible and dynamic

You are a MaintMaster. You know your processes. MaintMaster is easy to configure and easy to tune. You can do all configuration yourself, completely without any programming. With MaintMaster CMMS software in your hands you will always have a system that fully adapts to you. You´ll be in control!

Everyone that works with maintenance knows that maintenance is not only one process. You probably handle preventive jobs in a totally different way from corrective jobs. And all other tasks that are assigned to maintenance that are not really maintenance of your assets, how do you work with them? In MaintMaster you can easily create work flows for all different tasks, and completely adapt to the way you handle them. MaintMaster adapts to you is not a cliché, it’s a fact.

Customized interfaces

Create customized user interfaces for different roles and places. Publish only what´s relevant for your colleagues. Making it easy to understand and quicker to use will assure the important data that you need will be collected. For most, it will dramatically cut the time spent in the system. The information you need is only a click away.

Gather important information

It´s a pleasure to work with the MaintMaster selection manager. You quickly create lists, process flows and statistics. You simply choose your output columns, set your conditions and publish to the people that needs to see it. The possibilities of customization are amazing. And the best part is that you can do it yourself, completely without any programming. You can tweak and tune until it fits perfectly for your needs. Say goodbye to expensive consultants to program your system. We are convinced that the result will be best if the one with deepest knowledge about the processes are able to do the customization.

3. Analyze with power

Time to dig for gold! There is a treasure hidden in your data. When to invest? What to invest? Where are my weakest links? Bottlenecks? Whatever you want to know, use MaintMaster powerful analyzing tools to get insights. You have never seen better decision support in a CMMS software!

MaintMaster allows you to measure anything that is important for you. In seconds you can create custom data fields that can be used in the same powerful way as all other data in MaintMaster. You can easily group your data, create charts, KPI-meters and customized reports. MaintMaster allows you to analyze all data in the system, in ways that matters to you.


Charts and KPI

MaintMaster has powerful tools for creating charts and KPI meters. Analyze with filter settings and trendlines. Benchmark your results over time and communicate real-time clear charts and reports.

Custom your fields

Create your own custom fields. You define what information you need about your equipment, spare parts and everything else in MaintMaster. Use these properties anywhere in the system, just like you would use the built-in properties. Without any programming, create your own Machine card, customize your work orders and use the information for creating charts, processes and condition based selections.

Thanks to MaintMasters’ flexibility and high level of user-friendliness, it is easy to apply the system in various types of businesses, regardless of industry. Read about our industries here.

Maintenance norm

Did you know that there’s a norm for maintenance? To spread knowledge about the standard, we’ve designed a maintenance manual that you access online!
Our system, MaintMaster CMMS, is also developed with the oppertunity to follow the norm for maintenance.

Maintenance Norm

Available languages

MaintMaster is a worldwide system, with over 24,000 users around the world.

As accessibility is critical to our MaintMasters, our maintenance system is available in 15 languages.

And more to come!


Benefits of the CMMS MaintMaster

Here you find a small selection of benefits, designed to enhance your daily work. Download a free trial today and discover the amazing world of MaintMaster.

MaintMaster adapts to you. Not the other way around. Its flexible functionality lets you create your ultimate solution easily.
MaintMaster manages your entire workflow efficiently. Thanks to an interface that enables customized solutions, the system fits regardless of the industry or business sector.
With our cloud-based system you will never need to spend time on backups, obstructive servers or unpleasant surprises.
MaintMaster makes it possible to work according to 5S, TPM or Lean. Its flexibility makes it the ultimate system, whether your company has 10 or 10,000 employees.
Pay for what you need as long as you need it. Would your needs change, you can easily change the price package.
Everyone engaged in the project has access to the system’s most important functions at each station, on a tablet or a smartphone. Full control wherever you are.

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