CMMS - Computerized maintenance system

What is a CMMS?

A CMMS, Computerized Maintenance Management System, is used to manage everything you do in maintenance. A maintenance management system supports you in every aspect of the work performed by the maintenance department.

A maintenance management system is mainly used to:

  • Maximize assets
  • Minimize downtime
  • Control costs
  • Streamline maintenance work
  • Make maintenance easier for employees
  • Preventive maintenance requires management, planning and structure to function

A maintenance management system helps to gather information and direct tasks, thus providing valuable assistance in the planning and execution of various types of maintenance activities, which in turn ensure operational safety.

CMMS MaintMaster is our solution, a maintenance system powered by people.

Your CMMS will help you with

Tracking work orders

Maintenance managers describe the task at hand and are then presented with a range of solutions and the task is directed to the right technician. When the work is completed, the technician in charge can quickly and easily mark the work order as completed, thus informing the maintenance manager that the task has been completed.


A reliable work calendar is required for a maintenance team to plan future maintenance. A maintenance management system is particularly good at planning recurring work by sending reminders to the person responsible for the task. Organized planning enables the maintenance team to distribute the workload and ensures that no on-going maintenance is forgotten.

Defect reports

A maintenance management system provides everyone involved with the opportunity to report defects. It also means that every defect report is visible to all employees. Each defect reported can then be assigned to the appropriate employee, responsible for correcting the defect. A notice is sent to the relevant manager making him or her aware of the defect, thus ensuring that it is remedied.


The data collected from the maintenance management system enables decisions to be made about future maintenance. The system also allows the collection of data about specific parts of the workflow to study how regularly these are serviced. Based on previous maintenance, it is also possible to make decisions about future investments.


Maintenance teams need to store and manage large quantities of spare parts. A maintenance management system makes it possible to see how many spare parts are in stock, how many have been used for repairs and when new parts need to be ordered.


In many cases, the maintenance team manages equipment that is up to 30 years old, which means that many machines have an extensive history of repairs. When a problem arises, it is convenient to go back to see how the issue was resolved last time. A maintenance management system logs all repairs, making it possible for anyone at any time to go back and check to ensure that future repairs are performed correctly.

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