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Here, you can explore our most recent release. Each version includes a summary and videos showcasing the major new features. Additionally, you can access the full release notes within each section.

Latest release: MaintMaster 8.18


Discover the latest features introduced in MaintMaster 8.19, possibly the most impressive update yet. Among the notable additions are the ability to incorporate timelines on summary pages, new types of KPIs, and additional properties such as sliding bars and checklists. These properties can also be integrated into custom tabs on cards.

During the upgrade to 8.19, logged-in users will NOT receive a notification that they will be logged out in advance.

Release notes 8.19


Please review the webinar discussing the latest updates in MaintMaster version 8.18.

Explore new features such as enhanced guide flexibility, the ability to attach PDF files to cards, multiple stockrooms for users, a new brand profile, and various other.


Release notes 8.18


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Learn about the portal, where you can update and manage your systems, as well as create sandboxes. Access to the portal requires administrator privileges.


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