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Version 8.19

This is a list of development made between public releases, each release beginning with a summary of major improvements and new features.

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icons8-checked-checkbox-48 Properties

You now have the capability to transform properties into checkboxes, sliding bars, signatures, and radio buttons. Additionally, you can select the tab where these properties will appear. These features are accessible both in the desktop client and on the web/app platform.

icons8-increase-48 visualization

We've broadened the KPI visualization to include two additional types: Scalar and thermometer. You can now incorporate a timeline into a summary page. With these new features, users will have enhanced visualization capabilities, enabling them to interpret information more effectively.


mobile App

Include hyperlinks to selections on the start page. Embed images directly within the report and ordering guide. Plan spare parts for jobs and manage inventory.When you are clocked in to a job, you can scan a QR-action code and the new job will be created as a follow up job.

icons8-qr-code-50 Qr-action

Create your customized QR-action labels for printout.



Update your system through the portal. During the upgrade to 8.19, logged-in users will NOT receive a notification that they will be logged out in advance.

Learn more about updating your system through the portal.




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