MaintMaster blog - 28 May 2019

Our support is expanding, welcome Therese!

Our support is expanding, welcome Therese!

We have a new voice at customer support: Therese Carlsson! She has worked with us since April 11 and will strengthen our support team, working as a support coordinator. We asked Therese some questions so that you can know a little bit more about her.

Hi Therese! What did you do before joining MaintMaster?
– Hi! I have a background in technical and environmental industry, working at Envac Optibag. There, I worked in post-marketing and customer support. Envac Optibag designs and builds plants for sorting household waste in multi-colored bags.

We know that you used MaintMaster daily at Envac Optibag, tell us more.
– I’d love to. Envac Optibag started with MaintMaster in 2014, so I’ve been working with it ever since. Over the years, I have helped new customers build and to get started with the system. I also administrated all customer data, such as machines and spare parts, in Envac Optibag’s own MaintMaster system.

How did MaintMaster facilitate?
– Well, the best part of MaintMaster is that the system keeps information about stuff. I didn’t need to have a lot of different lists or drawings next to me, since everything was stored in MaintMaster. It was easy to find information when I needed it. For example, I could easily find information when a customer called and had specific questions about a spare part.

You haven’t worked that long at MaintMaster yet. How’s it been so far?
– So far, the introduction has been great. I’ve already met some customers through internal trainings and customer meetings. I find it very interesting to listen and learn about their products and how they use MaintMaster. I’m really looking forward guiding them through the problems or questions they have about MaintMaster.

When you were a MaintMaster customer, was there anything beside the simplicity of finding information, that facilitated your work? A tip to our customers!
– Yes, I’m a person who likes visual information, for instance getting a quick overview of statistics or help prioritizing. Therefore, I really like color codes and icons. With it, you can easily spot the status of a job, which made it easier to prioritize. So, I really appreciated the possibility of adding icons to value lists. A bonus with icons is that charts inherit the color, which means you don’t need to set it yourself, so a red cube will turn into a red staple.

During your time at MaintMaster, have you learned anything you wanted to know as customer?
– Before MaintMaster I didn’t know there was a shortcut (CTRL+T) to paste standard text. It can be used in almost all text fields! I’m a person who likes this kind of function because it saves time and energy.

Okay, last question. What do you look forward to in your role at MaintMaster?
– I look forward to knowing our customers and their business.

Thanks, Therese, for this interview! We’re happy to have you onboard. Welcome to MaintMaster!


Tips from Therese

  1. Add icons in value lists,
  2. Create and use Standard text,


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