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We have gathered a collection of frequently asked question in our FAQ. Beside getting answers on your questions, you might find some inspiration by reading other questions and answers regarding your subject.

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  • Our new KPI Manual is ready!

    - Your maintenance department up to speed… How can we evaluate the work of the maintenance department? How are improvements tracked? How do we know if we are on the right path? The KPI Manual reflects the experiences that our project managers have made with our customers and collects a variety of different key performance indicators…

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  • Job interval management

    - From version 8.11 of MaintMaster, we have made a change in how to create and manage intervals for recurrent jobs. If you edit an interval and do that wrong, you change all recurrent original jobs with this interval, with possible major consequences. In previous versions of MaintMaster you specified the interval for each recurrent job.…

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  • Alerts and Notifications

    - Sometimes you want to get a notification when something important happens. With notifications in MaintMaster you make it possible for your users to be in full control even if they’re not working in the system. For example, if your contractors are not connected to MaintMaster all the time, it can be useful to get an…

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  • Why does MaintMaster increase the number of faults?

    Instandhaltungssoftware - A problem that I have experienced in my role as maintenance manager is the difficulty in getting everyone to place orders and report in systems. It is much easier to call a technician, describe the problem and let them fix it. Then it's no longer my responsibility ... Do you recognize this behavior? This method…

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  • Responsible rules – MaintMaster support!

    - For many users there’s a problem not knowing who to send a job to because the list is too long, and who to send to depends on factors such as time of the day, machine, priority, weekday etc. Recognize the problem? Luckily you can add rules for responsible, a function that provide users with right…

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  • Get started with purchase orders

    - MaintMaster contains a Purchase Order module, as you probably know. It helps you handle purchases, and you could also get automatic help with what you need to buy. One of the functions is that in the selection “time to order” you will be notified on what items you need to order.   Before you start…

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  • Order in stockroom

    - A prerequisite for a well-functioning stockroom is good order, not only in shelves and lockers, but also in your system. There are several activities that you can do to get or maintain a good order. It is: - Routines - Withdrawals - Inventory - Technical support - 5S Routines: The most important part of having…

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