MaintMaster blog - 7 August 2019

Why MaintMaster?

Why MaintMaster?

We think that the power of a Maintenance Management System comes when it’s truly used. And to be used, it needs to be flexible enough to adapt to all your needs. It’s quite rare in our business that a supplier puts trust in its users, trusting them to know what’s needed and making the tools to accomplish everything available to the users. Our competitors require consultants or programmers to interpret your goals and visions for your work and then implement their understanding in your system. At MaintMaster, we believe you should be able to do the adaption, the configuration, yourself.

You want something a bit different and you’re considering a solution. You then go ahead and test your ideas! Within minutes you find you need a little more, and then you make some more changes. Within the first hour, you have tried four solutions and are ready to talk to your peers. Before the day is over, you have discussed the solutions, tested them in the real world and implemented the best in your organization. At the morning meeting next day, you proudly present a better way of working in your MaintMaster system.

Apart from being a fun, cheap and quick process, you will most likely inspire your peers to do the same, also improving the way you all work. And this results in a system everyone uses.
Only when a system is used does it brings the value you want and need to your organization. We believe that our way of working for high usage is the best for both your and our business.

Here are our focus areas for MaintMaster:

Maintenance. Needless to say, this is our foremost focus. We want to be the preferred choice for all maintenance departments, all technicians and all maintenance managers. To be that, our system must manage everything a maintenance department needs to manage the operations.

Processes. A common mistake is the idea that there is one common maintenance process. There’s not, there are a many different routines and work flows, all of which need their support to be easy to work with. The exact status, next action and activities are not something you should keep in your head, this is something the system should support you with.

Business Intelligence. Making decisions should not be hard, the problem is often the lack of decision support, the lack of information you can look at from different angles. Now, even if this sounds like nice reports or charts, it all starts with usage. If you don’t get the data you need, you will probably make a bad decision.

Cooperation. Maintenance is a vital part of a factory, but not the only one. How can we improve cooperation between departments? We want to include everyone in the long-term maintenance, in the asset life cycle management, to improve performance and reduce risks and costs.

Digitalization. It’s so much easier to search, draw conclusions and validate routines if they are created, managed and stored digitally, rather than on paper. An important part of both maintenance work and health, environment and safety concerns inspections, an area where digitalization is becoming increasingly more important.

Mobility. The functionality you need in MaintMaster should be made available as easily as possible when and where you need it. The focus on mobility doesn’t necessarily mean a Smartphone App, we focus more on our users’ ability to be mobile, while still having a user-friendly way to perform their tasks.

Standards. By using the standards available for maintenance and asset management, we make it easy to implement compliance with these. Always pragmatic, they must work in normal life. But it takes a lot of the pain away when you no longer need to discuss terminology and definitions. We just use them to create results. MaintMaster is committed to supporting the definitions from the maintenance standards.

Data security. The move to cloud services was driven by data security needs and that is still an important part of everything we do. In order to help you, we need to earn your trust.