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Maintenance excellence

5 strategies for closer production and maintenance collaboration

(for improved productivity and OEE)

In today's challenging, low-margin manufacturing environment, collaboration between production and maintenance departments is essential to optimise operations, reduce downtime and ultimately achieve higher levels of productivity and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). It's vital to establish smooth communication channels so that operators can quickly report faults that could lead to downtime. At the same time, detailed work orders with potential root cause insights enable maintenance to respond efficiently.

Let's explore 5 key strategies for fostering closer collaboration between production and maintenance, and how this synergy can lead to tangible improvements in productivity and OEE:


1. Time optimisation

Good collaboration between maintenance and production can deliver significant time savings. By strategically delegating preventive tasks such as lubrication and cleaning to production operators, maintenance teams can free up critical time for complex repairs and proactive maintenance. This proactive approach results in fewer unplanned breakdowns, maximising machine uptime, increasing overall production output and improved OEE availability.


2. Increased knowledge of equipment

Through daily dialogues with the maintenance department, production gains a deeper understanding of the equipment they work with, which increases knowledge of potential equipment failures. Having a better understanding of the equipment also increases the ability to provide a detailed description in the work order of what the root cause might be. This enhanced knowledge translates into more detailed job descriptions, faster troubleshooting and improved machine performance - a key contributor to higher OEE performance.


3. Simplifying communication through a common language

When production and maintenance share a common vocabulary, communication becomes clear and efficient. It breaks down silos and enables both teams to pinpoint problems and discuss solutions effectively. This shared understanding fosters a collaborative 'we're in this together' attitude that focuses everyone on the common goal of maximising asset reliability and production output, and has a direct impact on OEE quality.


4. Prioritising preventive maintenance

The detailed insight that production provides to maintenance enables a strategic shift towards preventive maintenance. This proactive approach minimises unexpected breakdowns and their disruptive impact on production. By working within a common system, production gains visibility into planned maintenance. This promotes greater flexibility as operations can proactively adjust around planned downtime, minimising disruptions that negatively affect OEE.


5. Efficient resource allocation

Close collaboration between production and maintenance enables strategic resource management. By understanding production priorities, maintenance can schedule critical tasks around peak times, minimising disruption and maximising output. A common maintenance system enhances this process by providing real-time visibility and data-driven decision-making.


Collaboration for Success

These five strategies provide a solid foundation for streamlined, effective collaboration between production and maintenance. Building a common understanding through open communication and data transparency is essential. A robust maintenance software acts as the central hub for this knowledge sharing. Give production access to relevant maintenance information and you create a proactive team focused on optimising productivity, reducing downtime and improving the bottom line.

To further enhance collaboration and unlock the full potential of OEE, consider exploring dedicated software solutions like OEEsystems. These platforms empowering manufacturers to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve their operations.


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