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How a CMMS helped Optibag to improve its waste separation service

 In this article learn more about how Envac Optipack has optimized its waste separation service using a CMMS. For example adding the complete inventory management process to the maintenance software.

Envac Optibag - world class waste separation

Envac Optibag is a leading global provider of optical sorting facilities for sorting household waste at source. The company has 19 facilities in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and France.

Household waste is divided into different colored bags that are placed in existing waste containers and shipped by regular refuse-collection vehicles for waste disposal. At the plant, optical scanning of the bags is used to sort by color and recycle in the appropriate way. A simple and ingenious idea. 

Easy handling is the key to success

The Optibag system requires no special changes to existing household waste management. Refuse bags are placed in the waste bins as previously and are collected by regular refuse-collection vehicles. As all the waste is collected simultaneously by one and the same vehicle, the logistics are both simple to handle and inexpensive. It is also easy to expand sorting at the source to other types of waste, the only thing that is needed is a bag of a different color.

Orderliness and structure for a better service

To make its internal processes as easy and traceable as its service for the customers, Optibag started using MaintMaster, a SaaS based maintenance software, in October 2015 to get a better handle on its business.

Optibag wanted to have a better overview over ongoing support jobs, a centralized job- and document management environment and also complete insights about the availability of spare parts. As a result the company added the entire inventory management process into MaintMaster.  

Therese Carlsson was responsible for the implementation of MaintMaster at Optibag:

"We opted to start with MaintMaster in order to organize support jobs for our customers in a better way. We are also looking to have our consultants receive their assignments, and print service reports directly in the system. We have also added our entire inventory management process in the maintenance system.”

Even though the initial set up required a lot of work, Optipag was very satisfied with the implementation of the CMMS. Therese felt that they have saved a lot time at work:

We do not have the time and energy to spend on searching for information in folders and files in the office. It helps immensely to be able to search for the right spare parts for the right facility directly in the system. Promoting orderliness and a structured work flow allows us to offer a better service to our customers.

By sending jobs directly from the maintenance system to the company’s consultants, Optibag could ensure that nothing “falls between the cracks” or was overlooked. Moreover, they could bill their customers before they have received invoices from their consultants as the information appeared in the maintenance system.

By using a CMMS, Optibag was able to make its jobs, documents and spare parts management as transparent and responsive as possible, which saved time and money. Quite as simple as Optibag's own customer services.


Use MaintMaster maintenance software to simplify planning, accelerate jobs, and track the nuts and bolts that make your machines go round – and with no-code configuration, the CMMS is (actually) easy to make yours.

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