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IoT sensors (why maintenance professionals love them)

After talking to our IoT customers, we realized many don’t know their equipment's value in their production process. Or conclude how temperature or vibrations relate to asset wear.

If machines ran too hot or had excess vibrations, many managers were none the wiser. And how could they be? Without direct asset monitoring at all times, it's virtually impossible to know. But thankfully, there's an easy fix.

This article will give you a glimpse into why customers love IoT sensors. With the right tools, asset control can be quick and easy to achieve.

A new world of sensor possibilities

After installing IoT sensors on a customer's motor, which sent the data directly to MaintMaster Live, it revealed a 56 °C degree temperature. The customer gasped, “that can’t be right.” But after a trip to the plant and laying hands on the motor, the sensor turned out to be perfectly accurate.

The motor was running at a faulty temperature. And no one knew.

This simple revelation from a sensor opened up a new world of insights. Sometimes, assumptions are wrong. But the consequences of running assets at faulty temperatures can be production-halting and incredibly expensive.

Thanks to trigger points, which lets the sensor know the assets optimal range, the motor runs at a constant temperature. Even after years of sensor monitoring. If there’s a deviation, an instant notification is sent to the MaintMaster maintenance system – even creating and assigning a work order to the right technician.

Fast-tracking preventive insights

The road to getting live insight is exciting. And the perhaps most exciting part of the process, once the sensors are up and running, is placement. What’s the most strategic and sensible way of placing your sensors?

Often, you know the answer. Because ultimately, you know your plant best. Project managers can also give examples from pilot projects to advise you. After placement, the sensors send data from the plant immediately. And with MaintMaster, they send data directly to your CMMS.

Before the first analysis, we recommend collecting 10-15 days’ worth of data. This allows proper identification of the first outliers and peaks for flawless adoption. If you know key data, like temperature and revolutions, even better. Assign it and start right away.

The installation time is less than two hours – and possible to do it on-site or remotely on any machine or asset. With the right tools, an excellent maintenance overview is within easy reach.

That is, of course, with the right platform and sensors. Most are tough to install and don’t automatically send data to your CMMS. You must migrate data manually into spreadsheets every time you want an asset performance overview. Not to mention costly integrations if you decide to automate. With the right sensors, the process is simple.

Game-changing technology

Have you ever started using something and wondered how you could do without it? Sensors are like that. They let you know the current state of all your monitored machines in real-time – giving you complete preventive maintenance control according to the European and UK maintenance standards EN 13306:2017 and PAS55. With real-time and historical insights into vibrations, air pressure, temperature, and humidity.

In other words, smooth, remote asset control. With notifications that create automatic work orders for inspections.

But not all sensors are alike. Some are complex; others are plug-and-play. Some can only monitor certain types of equipment; others can monitor anything with bearings.

MaintMaster’s IoT sensors are that easier choice, with game-changing technology for a maintenance professional like you.

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