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Maintenance permits: Why digital permits beat paper

Permits are a crucial part of maintenance work. They ensure that the work carries out safely and that everyone involved understands the risks and responsibilities. However, not all permits are created equal.


Traditional paper permits are still widely used in many industries, but they come with their own set of challenges. Here's where digital permits come in. This article will explore the advantages of digital permits over paper permits within maintenance work.

The problem with paper permits

Paper permits have been the norm for many years. They are usually printed out and signed by the relevant parties before the work commences. They are often difficult to manage and track within that process, especially in complex maintenance projects involving multiple sites and teams.

They can be easily misplaced, lost, or damaged, which can cause delays and confusion. Plus, they require a lot of physical storage space, which can be time-consuming to manage.

Digital permits solve the complexities

Digital permits, on the other hand, offer several advantages over paper permits. They provide a higher level of accountability and transparency. Digital permits are also easier to manage and track, as they can be accessed from anywhere when having a serious CMMS provider.

Another advantage of digital permits is that you can easily customise them to fit the specific project needs. They can include specific instructions and guidelines, making it easier for workers to understand their responsibilities and the potential risks.

Making the switch to digital permits

Consider switching to digital permits if you still use paper permits for your maintenance work. With digital permits, you will create, manage, and track permits much easier and more efficient.

By switching to digital permits, you'll provide a higher level of security and reduce the risk of safety hazards and other problems. Your team will appreciate the convenience and ease of use of digital permits, and you'll have greater peace of mind knowing that your permits are always legitimate.

In MaintMaster's CMMS, you have a solution that offers the best of both worlds. We know that companies can't change their behaviour overnight. Going digital isn't going to change that. That's why you can print each permit you need and attach it to your work order or machine.

As a Maintenance Manager, you want control over the different work permits. In MaintMaster, you have what we call "Safety boards". A safety board is a dashboard that will give you an overview, and control, over your different permits. This can of course, be configured in the way that suits you and your processes and business. Connect your work permit to a specific work order job so you can easily see which job requires a work permit to be filled out.


Permits are an essential part of maintenance work. They ensure work safety and that everyone involved understands the risks and responsibilities of every job. Traditional paper permits are still widely used, but they come with challenges, including the risk of misplacement and difficulties in management and tracking.

Digital permits offer several advantages over paper permits, including greater security, transparency, and convenience. By switching to digital permits, you'll provide a safer and more efficient working environment for your team.

Every company should move towards digitalisation at their own pace and have a learning-by-doing mentality. This mindset helps people engage more in digitalisation so no one is left behind.

With the market's best support team, MaintMaster is here to help you in the journey to becoming paper free.

Want to know how to make your maintenance environment safer with the right permits? Check out MaintMaster CMMS here.


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