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Evaluate a CMMS (maintenance software)

We are MaintMaster

Evaluating a Maintenance Management System might be a tough job. Features are hard to compare. Pricing and total cost of ownership tricky to calculate. And how do you know what you need? We think these five steps will help!


1. Maintenance knowledge
A Maintenance Management System is not like most business system. It’s one of the few built to be used as little as possible! Your technicians should be out there improving performance of the equipment, not pounding work orders or navigating screens to find right function. This requires deep knowledge of maintenance and the challenges all maintenance departments face. Since you also know maintenance, you will probably recognize a peer.


2. Flexibility
You can’t test all situations and coming changes to your organization in advance. You should opt for a system that is flexible enough to meet your imaginable needs. Consider your routines and workflows. Can the system support all steps, every phase of those workflows? And your performance indicator, can you tweak them? Break them down, follow up over time and create new ones?

Once you realize flexibility is of great importance you should ask; Will every change require consultants or can you do the configuration in-house? Many system vendors get most of their income from the consultants programming your system. Because of the cost, configurations tend to decrease over time leaving a system that no more supports your business. If you on the other hand can do all configuration in-house you can fine tune the support for every aspect of your business.


3. User friendliness
A concept that’s hard to evaluate! Every software vendor will state that their software is the most friendly ever created. You need a serious test drive. Think of all aspects of user friendliness: Your technicians want tasks done quickly. They need to find things fast. At the same time, you want every input to be of very high quality. You want your operators to intuitively understand how to make a fault report, the boss to easily drill down in the statistics and external technicians to report all their jobs.

Put together a team to test drive all systems you are evaluating. Prepare some tasks you know will be common. First, see how much information they need to understand what to do. Then, after a couple of times, clock them to see how much time they spend doing these common tasks.

An additional aspect of user friendliness is the same as the first point; flexibility. Is it easy to configure the system by yourself?


4. Roadmap
Investing in a CMMS might be a low cost, but the real investment you do over time is all the knowledge your users have. Where are the vendors going with their system? Do they have a direction, are they pushing technology, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, are they Cloud based, have open web api’s? It’s better to join someone with a clear vision and can tell you about it. It might be your future too!


5. Functionality
Why is functionality last? In my experience, you will benefit from keeping an open mind when it comes to functionality. If you made sure your supplier knows maintenance, you can also expect the system to have the functionality required to support a maintenance organization. But the way the system supports common tasks may differ. So instead of asking for specific functions, I recommend you ask how things are solved. “Things” being fault reporting, prioritizing, planning, preparing planned maintenance, adding equipment, purchasing, indicators, trend charts or whatever you feel is important. Maybe you will find simpler way to do things, some vendors are quite innovative!


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Did you know?

We are MaintMaster

There are so many useful functions in MaintMaster – creating charts, your own printouts and properties, etc!

With so many cool functions, we might forget about thoose we use everyday.
So today we want to remind you, or enlighten you about some of them:

  • Clock in to a job
  • Add pictures from your app!
  • Edit a selection by right-click


Clock in to a job allows you to get your worktime automatically reported, other users can see what you’re working on, and it’s also easy to find the job so you can add comments.
Of course you can use the function from your mobile app, admin client and shortcuts! 🙂


And talking about the app! Did you know that you can add pictures from your camera? You can add a picture directly to your item/spare part through the menu.

  1. Open your item/spare part
  2. Go to menu
  3. Add picture!

Of course you can also add a picture to your fault report – simply open it, go to menu and add picture!


The last tip for today is for you who administrate selections.
If you want to edit a selection, you can right click directly in the header:

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MaintMaster kick off 2018!

We are MaintMaster

Yesterday we had a meeting at a curling center! We got to know the foundations of the sport, and we played a tournament! A great way to start our day!
The good mood followed us during the afternoon when we talked about the results of 2017, and how to increase the productivity for internal projects.

To get us started we discussed the definition of when something is done:

  • When the final goal has been  reached
  • When it can be used by next person in line

And how to get it done:

  • Define the final goal and owner, bigger projects need someone with the whole picture
  • Go backwards from your final goal. What do you need to achieve?
  • Set a time frame, a date/deadline
  • Focus, work with one assignment at time, set a time slot and don’t start interrupting programs (mail, chat, etc) if you don’t need them
  • Visualize, for instance with a chart who shows progress!

Sum of our meeting? A lot of applause, insights and a very, very good start for 2018.

2018 – we are ready for you!

The winners? Nicklas, Tomas & Mikael (front row, from left)
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MaintMaster support UNICEF

We are MaintMaster

Christmas banner (English)

MaintMaster chooses to support UNICEF’s work with a Christmas gift.

Our contribution is enough for 105 disaster packages.

Millions of children and their families have been forced to flee from conflicts and disasters around the world. Getting help with the most basic such as food and water can be vital for a toddler, and it must go fast.

A package includes:
– a blanket
– 400 water purification tablets (capable of cleaning up to 2000 liters of water)
– 25 bags of liquid replacement
– 30 bags of nutritional cream against malnutrition

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Over 20,000 users!

We are MaintMaster

We now have over 20,000 users of MaintMaster.

Did you know that you can connect thress different types of users to MaintMaster?

Free User, Limited User and Standard Users.

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Swedish champions

We are MaintMaster

Congratulations to our colleague Emma Lennartsson and her teammates in Linköping FC who have won Swedish championship in football for the second year in a row.

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MaintMaster at the Bike meet

Customer Cases We are MaintMaster

MaintMaster at the Bike meet

It was once again time for the annual Rusk meet a few weekends ago – a bike meet that’s taken place for more than 35 years and which attracts 300-350 participants from almost the whole world. This year things were a bit different. Or to quote the Rusk meet head honcho “We’ve gone from being a bit fuzzy to having a really firm grip on what must be done and what may not be done.”  Thanks to MaintMaster and especially its app, all of the 28 volunteers in the project were able to learn precisely what he or she should do and when.

Before the Rusk meet, they had built a simple structure in MaintMaster, where they could keep a grip on their event by building up a site explorer comprising a kitchen, dining hall, toilets, showers, stage, sauna etc. It was then just a matter of linking the details to people, creating jobs and allocating them.

The whole meet was planned in detail, resulting in 180 jobs are broken down into:

– 788 planned hours
– 28 people in the project
– 512 reported jobs

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Beach balls & hammocks

We are MaintMaster

Beach balls & hammocks

In Sweden, we are not exactly spoiled with either sun or heat, but when it comes to summertime, Sweden is hard to beat. Especially when we combine all the exciting cultures we have borrowed from all four corners of the world. I think of BBQ, Mojitos, Zumba, Beach volley, Boule and everything else that feels wonderful in the summer! Often we talk about the summer and the holidays as being the lazy days. What we mean is that we do not work on the things that we usually work on. But this does not mean we have to be lazy. On the contrary, I want to make the case for physical activity during the holidays, get started with that workout that you never seem to have time for in your everyday life. Maybe it can be accommodated now?

Did you know that cardio training is the best way to improve intelligence, get a better memory and be more focused? So in addition to living a longer and healthier life, you have the opportunity to lead a smarter life too! This is called preventive maintenance. The same reasoning applies to our customers regarding their equipment; Their machines last longer, run better and deliver increased capacity. Without being too bombastic, you could say that preventive maintenance, of both people and machines, is the best investment we can make. What do you think? I’m curious to hear your thoughts! Please contact us!

Soon those cozy fall days will be with us and I am certainly looking forward to it, but first we need to make sure we enjoy the Swedish summer. Every now and then in the form of a run around the block!

Have a lovely summer and look after yourself!

Peter Barkland, CEO MaintMaster


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Ragn-Sells uses MaintMaster

We are MaintMaster

Sweden’s leading recycling company Ragn-Sells uses MaintMaster

Five of Ragn-Sells largest waste facilities in Sweden use MaintMaster as their maintenance system.

In the spring, together with Ragn-Sells, we have implemented the system and adapted it to suit the processes and activities particular to Ragn-Sells.

The five facilities that use MaintMaster are:

·         Högbytorp

·         Brista

·         Brännbacken

·         Häradsudden

·         Västerås

We welcome Ragn-Sells to MaintMaster.

/Helejna Larsson, Marketing & Communication @maintmaster

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We have started a blog

We are MaintMaster

Hello and a warm welcome to our blog!

We at MaintMaster are looking to share as much of our everyday life as possible. We think it will be of great interest to you.

We will be writing the blog to compile lots of useful information, knowledge and thoughts about maintenance issues both major and minor. Everything from strategies to specific advice in everyday life. You will encounter managers, economists, system developers, trainers, strategists, project managers, sellers and all the people we meet in our working capacity to make the world of maintenance more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable. It is meetings like these that make our work both enjoyable and interesting, and it is from meetings like these that we learn incredibly much and it is these meetings that we want to share.

/Helejna Larsson, Marketing and Communication @maintmaster