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There are many definitions and interpretations of the concept of maintenance. Interpretations often vary with factors such as the industry and level within an organization. For a maintenance technician performing a practical maintenance task, the term maintenance might mean replacing a coupling between a motor and a pump. For someone in management, the term maintenance might instead mean a tool designed to increase competitiveness, productivity and profitability.

The following maintenance-related standards specify general terminology and definitions for the technology, administration and management areas within maintenance.


EN- 13306 Maintenance Terminology

  • Makes sure everyone does the same thing and means the same thing
  • Reliable documentation and data for analysis
  • Concepts that also work internationally


EN- 13460 Documents for Maintenance

  • Support when making new purchases
  • Reliable documentation for preventive maintenance


EN- 15341 Maintenance Key Performance Indicators

  • Key performance indicators that are based on terminology standards
  • Internationally understood

What is Maintenance?

Maintenance is a combination of all technical, administrative and managerial actions during the life cycle of an item intended to retain it in, or restore it to, a state in which it can perform the required function


A maintenance technician must know and understand maintenance terminology and standards
and also be able to use them in practice.

Conducting proper analyses requires everyone to talk and report in the same way so that they understand the different ideas the maintenance terminology conveys. This makes it possible to measure, make accurate, fact-based analyses which in turn form the basis for the maintenance organization’s decision documentation.

Maintenance Categories

Maintenance is divided into the four sub-categories illustrated and can be implemented as work categories in MaintMaster. All existing maintenance activities and modification work can be registered within these categories.


Maintenance Categories


Learn about how to implement in MaintMaster.

Types of maintenance



Types Of Maintenance

Overview of European Treminology standard for Maintenance

Overview over the Technology

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