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Chapter 11

Planning and Preparation of Maintenance Activities

Maintenance activities are essential to the proper functioning and longevity of any facility, equipment, or system. Planning and preparing for these activities can help ensure that they are carried out efficiently and effectively, minimizing downtime and maximizing the benefits.

Preparation of Maintenance Activities

In order to ensure good-quality, efficient and safe preventive maintenance without unnecessary waiting time, it is very important that such activities are prepared in respect of spare parts, time expenditure and any other resources.

Some of the elements of the preparation work include

  • Entering machines and updating the machine directory including picture navigation in the maintenance system.
  • Decisions and registration of spare parts to be held in stock and linking them to objects in the maintenance system.
  • Entering spare parts requirements and time expenditure for recurring maintenance activities, including autonomous maintenance in to the maintenance system.
  • Developing preventive maintenance instructions.
  • The labeling of equipment in the form of inventory numbers and lubrication points, etc.
  • Registration of changes to machinery and equipment, and updating the related maintenance documentation.
















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