A document aimed at ensuring improvement of avaliability of your machines, i.e. they work as planned during scheduled operations. The vision is a long-term objective that the organization must actively work towards to achieve. Strategy is a plan for how the organization is to achieve this vision, while the policy is a statement of intent and a guideline to regulate decisions and achieve the desired objectives.

Below you can find an example of a Maintenance vision, a strategy and a policy.

Maintenance Vision

  • Proper maintenance ensures reliability and good availability throughout the plant traceability through reporting in the maintenance system provides certainty about weaknesses and shortcomings
  • Through the insight of all employees of the importance of maintenance for avalibility we will achieve cost-effective maintenance for all production equipment
  • This is enabled by all the employees’ commitment and respect for procedures and instructions.

Maintenance Strategy

  • Create a high level of availability through consistent operational safety work with a financial balance to achieve the production goals.
  • European maintenance standard (EN 13306) and its terminology form the basis of our daily work.
  • Preventive maintenance is planned and based on condition-based maintenance. This is to minimize any unscheduled maintenance operations.
  • Establish close cooperation between maintenance and operating staff.
  • We use the LEAN concept and work on continuous improvements and systematic problem solving to remedy root causes.

Maintenance Policy

  • Maintenance is characterized by efficiency, quality, flexibility and safety.
  • Leadership must be visible and supportive.
  • We are all teachers, mentors and coaches. Rapid feedback is essential.
  • A maintenance technician must know and understand the maintenance terminology used in the European Standard (EN 13306), and also be able to use it in practice.

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